Owned and operated by Bryce David Whitney
Email: bryce@cedartrees.com
Phone: (802) 556-2076 or (315) 796-6675

Our Guarantee Policy

In order for the guarantee to be enforceable the following instructions must be followed. The guarantee is for replacement of any trees that do not survive, not for a refund of the money.

If you receive your trees by mail order, the Planting and Care Instructions must be followed correctly for the guarantee to be good.

Cedar trees occasionally undergo a period of shock once they have been planted. The buyer must allow at least one season for the tree to have an opportunity to recover.

Trees must not be fertilized for five months after being planted. Fertilizer can shock a newly transplanted tree.

If you experience a tree that has died, take a photograph of the tree. Send us a check for $3.00 for each tree you wish replaced, along with the photograph to the address below. We will send you a replacement tree(s) as soon as possible.
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