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Our Planting and Care Guide

Following these planting instructions is vital to the success of your cedar trees and must be followed to insure the two year guarantee. If you choose to have us install your trees then you will not have to worry about this information. These instructions are primarily for the cedars received by mail order.

Dig a hole 2-3 inches deeper and wider than the root ball of your cedar tree that you receive from us. We recommend using a rototiller to break up the soil and to dig a trench for the trees.

Fill the hole or trench with 2-3 inches of peat moss.

Turn on a hose to fill the hole or trench with water. This is to force the air out.

Put the root ball into the hole or trench and position the tree the way you want it to stand.

Cover the root ball with soil only 2 inches above the top, and firmly, pack the soil around the tree with your feet.

Set up a soaker hose on the ground close to the stem of the tree(round type that sweats along the entire hose, not the flat type), and water for 2 hours in the early morning and evening for the first 3 weeks. Continue to water the trees for one hour the rest of the first summer. If the following Spring or Summer there is a hot, dry period, the soaker hose should be turned on again for at least one hour per day. We can not guarantee trees without a soaker system installed and used in instructions above.

Place 3-4 inches of cedar mulch along the line of trees drip line on both sides to hold water from the soaker hose..

In the Fall add additional mulch along the line of trees .

Trees don't need additional fertilization beyond the peat moss mulch. Five months after installation you may add Miracle Grow plant food 15-30-15 and/or bone meal to enhance the growth rate.
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